How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Cover for All Weathers

We have all seen the climate changing over the last few years and your old cover may not be performing well nowadays especially when you consider that the summers are hotter and the winters are windier. Many people don’t think about the best level of protection to protect their bikes considering the weather and other pollutants that a motorbike might face during its life. This blog will briefly explain more reasons why you should definitely consider a Motorcycle cover as well as explaining the main differences between cover types and how they may be perfect for your requirements. Our intention is to match your needs with our quality covers quickly and simply to offer the right protection for your bike ensuring a longer life for your machine and cover.

Why use a motorcycle cover?

There are many reasons for investing in a good motorcycle cover but the main reason must be the level of protection that your bike will have against water damage, high UV from sunshine, heat, condensation and dust. Less importantly but also of consideration are the damage caused by snow and ice, sand and grit, high winds, insects, bugs, airbourne pollutants and local issues such as sea salt. Regardless of your storage situation, you will know just how long it takes to keep your machine in stunning condition and anything that can significantly reduce cleaning time must be a bonus. The security aspect of cover use is proven as a deterrent to opportunistic thieves and the reduction of damaging elements on your bike slowly over time affecting the overall condition, paint and function of the bike, quite simply means a cover is a great idea and a good cover is even better!

How certain conditions may affect your bike

Rain & Storms – When considering bike protection your first thought should be water. Even though you can leave your bike in a storm or ride it in the rain, gradually rain water will start to affect all mechanical parts and eventually major components will start to suffer too. Just one winter unprotected will turn a brand new bike into something really rather tatty.

UV & Heat – There’s nothing better than riding your bike on a sunny day. However, motorcycles that have been left in the heat with strong UV from the sun for too long without an ultraviolet resistance cover have been known to chip much easier and once a bike has lost its new look, the colour will slowly start to fade. Also, heat may cause your some components to crack and fail prematurely.

Dust – Annoying and time consuming to remove, dust, road grit, household fluff etc. can affect your bike in many ways and these fine particles can at worst enter the engine or clog the air filters eventually leading to engine problems. Many a bike seat has been ruined by riding when dusty with those particles being ground into the seat continually.

Condensation and Dew – This is something many bikers have experienced over years of owning a bike even if the bike is stored in the garage or under a shelter. Unfortunately corrosion can develop due to continual periods of moisture on the bike surfaces over time.

Snow and Ice – This is one of the biggest safety risks bikers will face. Any moisture that may be on their motorcycle will freeze up in the cold and Icy weather causing mechanisms of your bike to freeze and possibly become inoperative. Prolonged frost and ice can seriously deteriorate metal parts.

Pollution and local atmosphere

A wipe of your fairing or screen with a white cloth will show yoiu just how dirty our vehicles become in normal use. Additionally industrial areas can suffer from acidic rainfall and coastal areas will have a very salty environment.

Which cover should I look at buying?

The main thing to think about is the primary purpose of your bike cover. Also consider if your bike is kept indoors or outdoors and whether you may ever need outdoor protection.

STORMFORCE – The 4-layer breathable and fully waterproof cover for motorcycles has hard wearing materials that are reinforced to give your bike a long life at the same time being light enough to be fitted or removed quickly & easily. Complete with two year guarantee this is our best selling cover and prices start at £50. Find out more here. Stormforce.

VOYAGER – Indoor or outdoor, suiting extreme temperatures, this cover is extremely water and weather resistant and is lightweight, breathable, easy to fit and surprisingly strong. With prices from £29, find out more here. Voyager.

KALAHARI – This is a great cover for any INDOOR storage garage and will not scratch, shrink or fluff. This cover will protect your bike against dust, dirt & paintwork scuffs for many years. They are made in the UK to your order in a choice of 12 colours and contrast piping is available too! Prices from £128 incl vat. Find out more here. Kalahari.

APOLLO – Our newest fabric is ultra-heavy duty & is treated with a Teflon coating that allows water droplets to bead on top of the fabric & simply run off, making it fully waterproof & breathable. These are extremely robust outdoor bike covers and available in black, red, grey, racing green, or navy blue. Find out more about these superb UK manufactured covers with an expected life of 5-7 years & prices around £170 incl vat. Apollo.

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