Improve the durability of your impact wrench by lubricating the airline AND impact mechanism

Has your pneumatic impact wrench started to become unreliable, not perform as it should or suddenly stopped working? One of the most common reasons for lack of durability and premature tool failure is inadequate lubrication – and not just of the motor, but also the impact mechanism.

Which parts of an impact wrench need lubricating?

When it comes to lubrication, there are two parts of the wrench to consider – the motor and the impact mechanism.

You may be aware that the motor needs regular lubrication, but did you know that the impact mechanism needs lubrication too? Both systems are independent from one another, and therefore must be lubricated separately. The motor is lubricated by a specific airline lubricator that you add in the FRL or directly at the air inlet (at the tool). Whereas the impact mechanism is lubricated in one of two ways depending on the system the tool uses:

  • Grease impact mechanism
  • Oil bath impact mechanism

An impact wrench that has not been lubricated properly will operate with a lower power output, and if the tool is continually used when starved of grease, the internal components will wear down and the tool will not last nearly as long as it could.

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