Introducing LKQ Euro Car Parts’ Auto Education Academy

LKQ Euro Car Parts' Auto Education Academy provides its members with fast, easy access to the technical information and training they need to stay at the forefront of technology and give them a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Auto Education training courses cover all areas of mechanical, electrical, electronic and diagnostics fault-finding and repair over the entire vehicle. Through the structured programme that spans all ability levels from Basic to Master Technician, technicians can achieve career development from Academy training, gaining qualifications that prove they are competent to repair your customers’ vehicles. And with a selection of courses that are constantly updated, Auto Education can help technicians to stay on top of emerging industry trends and the latest technological developments.

Auto Education Membership is available by annual subscription, paid monthly in instalments.
As a Member you will have:

  • Unlimited use of the Technical Helpline
  • Unlimited access to the Vehicle Troubleshooting Database
  • Unlimited access to Skills Overview & Training Needs Analysis

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