IT & Managed Services

We offer a flexible range of service options. From remote backup and monitoring of your in-house infrastructure to managing all aspects of your IT. Our solutions are suitable for both single-site and multi-site operations.

Why choose DuoCall?

With IT support from DuoCall we help and support any requirements you have with your IT systems and equipment, ensuring everything is covered.


We can monitor and maintain your network around the clock to maintain productivity and security at your business.

Security focused

Stay protected with our managed endpoint security; our team monitors and maintains compliance, automatically remediating any infection.

Industry leaders

We’re here for the day-to-day care whenever you need us, but we’ll also check on your medium to long-term IT health without you even asking us to.

Desktop support

Keep your business units and employees performing at their best with DuoCall desktop support. We’ll regularly review and report on our services during our included annual site visits.

Desktop support >>

IT hardware

We partner with leading end-user device manufacturers. We’ll create and standardise a specification that is cost effective, reliable and future-proof. As standard, we pre-build all devices to connect to your network so they are ready to use out of the box.

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Managed network & Wi-Fi

Business users who regularly consume high-volumes of data often look for unlimited data tariffs. Although a number of providers supply these tariffs, many are renowned for throttling data. With our DuoCall Infinity tariff, you can ensure that you are getting the most out of your unlimited data tariff thanks to unrestricted connection speeds.

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Cloud & Microsoft 365

As technology has evolved over time, business operations have changed significantly; we’re no longer confined in a physical office space. Microsoft 365 encourages working from home, on our mobile phones and tablets, and from anywhere in the world.

Cloud & Microsoft 365 >>

Managed backup

We partner with Barracuda to provide a managed and scalable backup solution We partner with Barracuda to provide a managed and scalable backup solution for your critical business applications and data. Our engineers monitor your backups to ensure data restore availability when you need it most. Protect against accidental deletion and infection with file level restore and image level restores.

Managed backup >>

Email security

Our cloud-based email security solution combines advanced threat protection, encryption and data-loss prevention. Ensure your business is protected from digital threats including phishing, malware and ransomware.

Email security >>

Smart infrastructure

Our managed infrastructure solutions take the pain away from managing your own services. Our secure and resilient private and public clouds are ideal for mission-critical services being accessed over the internet or from multiple sites.

Smart infrastructure >>

Managed firewall

Take the stress of maintaining a perimeter network and remote connectivity away from your internal IT team. We partner with SonicWall to provide best-in-class intrusion prevention and antivirus at network perimeter level.

Managed firewall >>

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