JLM Lubricants: Intake Extreme Clean Toolkit Pro with two-stage treatment

A dirty engine that can no longer ‘breathe freely’ is often cause for panic, because it is difficult to repair, repair costs are high and perhaps even might mean the end of its life cycle.

Tested by members of The DPF Doctor Network prior to its launch the  JLM Lubricants’ Intake Extreme Clean Toolkit Pro is a unique and powerful high-grade treatment for cleaning typical contamination and deposits found in the air intake, combustion chamber, intake valves, injector tips and turbo variable vanes. The treatment, applied using the toolkit, consists of two dedicated and chemically advanced cleaning fluids, each one addressing different contaminations to restore the original air flow to the engine – bringing back power and improved economy

It is a firm favourite with Darren Darling, the founder of The DPF Doctor network. Speaking about it he says:

“The JLM Intake Extreme Clean Toolkit Pro was launched in the same week as the new lower smoke limits were introduced to the MOT test. We’ve saved dozens of cars from the scrap yard. For example, a taxi came to our HQ having failed the new smoke test. It had been fully serviced with a new, genuine DPF filter but it failed the retest with almost the same results. Within a few hours we had the owner and his taxi back on the road earning a living after treating it with the Step One Cleaning Fluid and the Step 2 Flush Fluid. It went straight through the retest. We were lucky enough to be involved with the pre-launch testing and saw equally incredible results. 5 vehicles with sticky turbo vanes were data logged before and after the treatment. On 4 of them boost levels came back into spec and out of limp mode. The other vehicle required a new turbo as it was past the point of no return. Sticking turbo vanes are a common problem on modern vehicles due to carbon build up so this new product is very popular with our customers.”

Product benefits

  • Innovative two-stage approach to address pollution with maximum results
  • Non-aggressive cleaning of air intake, combustion chamber, gas valve, injectors and turbo
  • Unique and extremely effective heat-resistant cleaning solution for turbos including VVT
  • Improved engine performance, fuel consumption, idling and starting
  • Increased life span of delicate components such as catalysts and diesel particulate filters (DPF)
  • Reduced emissions

Why have JLM Lubricants developed a two-stage cleaning system?

Says Gilbert Groot, the founder of JLM Lubricants:

“It is the only way to properly address pollution and dirt deposits and so give the engine a longer life. The additives in the Clean and Flush products are resistant to high temperatures so they endure the combustion cycle in the cylinder and are effective in the turbo and exhaust system. Because of the operation in the follow up trajectory of combustion, the channels and valves for exhaust gas recirculation are cleaned as well. The treatments restore the original air flow enabling the power source in the front to take in clean air again and so perform better. At the JLM HQ in Amsterdam we have many vehicle case studies, sent into us by mechanics all over the world showing cars with declining power perform almost like brand new again after this treatment.”

Want to know more? Contact Kalimex the UK Distributor of JLM Lubricants on their website or below.

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