KNIPEX Wire Rope Cutters (95 62 160)

KNIPEX wire rope cutters – 30% easier cutting of high-strength steel ropes – also for cable

KNIPEX offers a very compact and light cutting tool that is able to cut even high-strength wire ropes (1960 N/mm²) with a diameter of up to 4 mm with little physical effort.  With its high transmission joint design and a supporting opening spring, the KNIPEX 95 62 160 model is suitable for long periods spent cutting wire to length, because it requires up to 30% less manual force compared to that using other 190 mm long standard models of cutters.

The KNIPEX wire rope cutters impress by virtue of their clever and robust design.  They are fitted with an opening spring designed for convenient handling, while a catch keeps them reliably closed so that they can be transported safely and compactly.  Wire rope with diameters of up to 4 mm and cable with a diameter of up to 6 mm can be cut with little effort using these tough cutters.  Thanks to their high leverage and the considerable hardness of the induction hardened cutting edges, the KNIPEX 95 62 160 cutters are suitable for shortening wire ropes with all familiar types of stranding within the diameter range specified.    Since the cutting edge lies very close to the double-mounted pivot in the box joint, very little manual force is required when operating the cutters.  Despite being just 160 mm long, they need up to 30% less manual force to cut the same wire ropes as larger (190 mm long) standard wire rope cutters thanks to a hinge design which is unique for wire rope cutters.  The 175-gram light cutters, manufactured from ball-bearing steel, achieve a long service life, even when used intensively.  With these qualities, they are ready to hand quickly for exhibition stand construction and interior design and for work in agriculture, gardening, and landscaping, and are additionally suitable for use in mechanical engineering, industry, the bicycle and motorcycle trade, and the electrical trade.

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