Do you know what are the ‘must haves’ for your airline installation?

The air pressure alone is not enough for your tool’s performance: don’t underestimate the accessories! Learn the basics of a good airline system, and get the best out of your compressed air system.



FRL: to set up a proper air flow and pressure

  • FRL stands for :
  • Filter (clean compressed air)
  • Regulator (ensures consistency of dynamic pressure)
  • Lubricator (adds controlled drops of oil to reduce friction and improve tool life)




Air Fuse

  • For improved safety and to avoid hose whiplash





Hose & Clamps

  • To ensure efficiency at the workplace





Coupling & Nipple

  • To ensure safe and flexible connection between accessories





Hose Whip

  • For better ergonomics and to avoid premature hose wear





Connecting Accessory

  • For example an air flex for better ergonomics and to avoid premature hose wear



Download our free expert guide to learn the basics of a good airline system and get the best from your compressed air system.  Packed with helpful diagrams and tips, the guide features a self- diagnostic in 3 easy steps.

Download our free expert guide!


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