Offer Diamond Cut Wheel Repair With Vixen’s Wheel Lathe

Transform your bodyshop in 2021 with market-leading machinery.

Are you looking to increase profits and speed up productivity?

If your answer is yes to both, then there’s never been a better time to invest in your bodyshop. Vixen’s market-leading wheel repair equipment is produced and designed to fit seamlessly into any garage, especially our Vertical Wheel Lathe.

As most new cars are fitted with diamond cut wheels as standard, there’s money to be made and we have the machine to do just that!

Vixen’s Vertical Wheel Lathe is driven by an ultra-reliable Windows system which is familiar and easy to use with all operators and Panasonic laser probe technology to deliver fast superior results.

The wheel lathe scans the wheel in as little as 30 seconds and precisely cuts to remove kerb damage and reproduce the diamond cut finish.

If you would like to process up to 20 wheels per day and increase profits, get in touch with us today!

Call +44 (0)1642 769 333 to request a brochure.

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