Offer Same-Day Diamond Cut Wheel Repairs With Vixen

Offer a one-stop-shop for wheel refurbishment, just like our customers Autoclenz.

Are you currently outsourcing your wheel repair service?

If you still need convincing of how much money you could be making by offering the service in house, take our customers Autoclenz for example!

The company purchased our ultimate wheel repair package consisting of the Vertical Wheel Lathe and Aquablast, to offer a same-day service for wheel refurbishment.

Operators can prep and repair wheels quicker than ever!

The Aqua Wheelblaster blast cleans and perfectly etches wheels in as little as three minutes, ready to be lacquered or powdercoated.

The Vertical Wheel Lathe uses a powerful Windows operating system which is familiar and easy to use, and Panasonic laser technology to precisely cut and remove any kerb damage to reproduce the diamond cut finish.

We realised the increased demand for the repair of diamond cut wheels. Now we can offer same-day service.”

Same-day repair, no hire cars + increased productivity = bigger profits!

Call Vixen today on 01642 769 333 to discuss, or visit for more details

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