Part 2 – Fuel Vapour Valves

Symptoms of a faulty Fuel Vapour Valve:

If a Fuel Vapour Valve fails, DPF regeneration can be affected to the point where it stops occurring. Usually this will illuminate the Engine Management light on the vehicle’s dashboard, or bring up a service message.

Fault codes generally point to a DPF issue, with the vehicle entering limp mode or limited power mode until the fault is repaired.


Common fault codes for Ford vehicles (highly prone to FVV failure) are:

P246B-00: Vehicle Conditions Incorrect for DPF Regeneration

P2463-00: DPF – Soot Accumulation

P24A4-00: DPF Restriction – Soot accumulation too high (Bank1)


Fuel Vapour Valves are a common feature on Ford passenger vehicles. Whilst the technology is proven to improve engine life and performance, it is believe that 80% of Ford DPF problems are caused by failure of these components. As such, the demand for replacement parts in the aftermarket has grown and believed to continue to grow in coming years.

SMP Europe has a growing range of OE quality FVVs, with coverage for both Ford passenger and commercial vehicles, as well as Citroen and Peugeot vehicles that utilise ford systems.
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