Fire Service High Voltage EV Safety Kit

As the number of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles is increasing rapidly, the need to ensure that your crews are prepared for dealing with incidents involving EVs is of paramount importance. At Prosol, we have been developing EV safety products, for over 6 years. We supply products to the Automotive sector primarily but we have also provided products to many retail companies and even Sellafield Nuclear Power station. Available now is our Fire Service EV Safety Kit, we feel this will assist your teams when coming into contact with a range of potential scenarios.

Kit contains the following items.

  • HHV8527 – Holdall – High Vis
  • DIG6900L – Electrical Insulating Gloves – to BS EN 60903 Class 0 (1,000V)
  • CUG6915 – Cotton Under-Gloves
  • LOG6910 – Leather Over-Gloves – to BS EN 388 & BS EN-420
  • GSB6917 – Safety Glove Storage Box
  • CSG6836 – ChemSafe Gloves – to BS EN 374-1&5:2016 and BS EN 388:2016
  • BFA8602 – First Aid Kit for Burns inc. H.F. Antidote Gel
  • FKP4501 – Faraday Key Pouch with Snap Shackle – 2 Pack
  • FHS7533 – Flexi-Head Combination Spanners – 3 PIECE SET – 10,11 & 12mm
  • BTS6340 – Insulating Shrouds for 12v Battery Earth x 10
  • EVS6140 – EV Warning High Voltage Reusable Sticker – 140 x 100mm – 12 Pack
  • IRP2920 – Electrically Insulated Rescue Hook & Pole


Additional Safety Items

Defibrillator Semi_Automatic – AED1112

EV Car Fire Blanket – CFB2186

EV Car Fire Blanket Wall Mount Storage Box – FBC2295

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