Ramoto in Latvia using our Aquablast® 1215

Ramoto Ltd, based in Latvia restore and rebuild classic cars and motorcycles with a customer base across all of Europe!
The owner Juris Ramba purchased our Aquablast® 1215 just over a year ago and has sent in this video of him processing a 1929 gearbox.
As surface preparation and cleanliness is a vital aspect of Ramoto’s work, our vapor blasting machine can do just that! The abrasive media mixed with water produces a soft satin finish, which is ideal for cosmetic finishes in car and motorcycle restoration.✨
Before purchasing the Aquablast® Juris was using a dry blasting machine. Due to the harsh nature of this process, he was very limited with the use and with unsatisfactory results.
“Thanks to the staff at Vixen for building this machine and providing the know-how. I had a lifetime dream of creating an efficient, modern and well-equipped workshop and after many years, I feel like my dream is materialising with this new wet blasting machine.” ✅
It’s no wonder Vixen is the no.1 choice for vapor blasting machinery! 🌍

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