Ratchets for easy accessibility in tight spaces!

Discover the Chicago Pneumatic CP7829 ergonomic ratchets for the vehicle service industry with exceptional power, durability and user comfort.

The versatile CP7829 & CP7829H ratchets come with two socket size options – 3/8” and 1/2” – and are designed for a range of applications including heavy duty transmission and suspension jobs, lighter engine repair, dashboard work, and general maintenance.

With a strong breakaway torque of 70 ft.lbs (95Nm) and a fast rundown at 225 RPM, advanced motor and a full caged gear, this ratchet gives the user maximum power, high speed and superior durability.  It also weighs just 2.6 lbs. (1.2 kg), and its compact size allows users better access to restricted areas and is well balanced for improved user experience.  These air tools have one of the best price performance ratio on the market and bring maximum value for the customer.

COMFORT: Ergonomic composite grip insulates operators hand from the cold.

HIGH POWER & SPEED: 95 Nm of strong breakaway torque for heavy applications and fast rundown 225 RPM.

HIGH DURABILITY: Advanced motor, full caged gear and head design.  Supplied with a protective head cover.

USER FRIENDLY: Progressive teasing throttle and adjustable side exhaust blowing dirt and dust.

CONVENIENT: Shank with ball retainer.

VERSATILE: Designed for a variety of applications from heavy ones such as transmission and suspension or light applications such as engine repair, dashboard work and general maintenance.

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