Spotlight on DUO 12/24 COMBINATION Battery Charger

The Duo battery charger will correctly charge the two batteries of a 24v system saving money and extending battery life. In use, the two 12V batteries that makeup a 24V system discharge and charge at uneven rates, which results in loss of capacity and early failure.


The Duo Charge assesses each battery individually and applies the correct charge to each battery, maximising battery life and reliability. It does this without the need to remove or disconnect the batteries, it takes no longer to set up than a conventional 24v charger, and because it assesses the batteries individually it can take less time to fully charge both batteries.


•    Patented Sulphation Recovery Program
•    Short Circuit shutdown without blown fuse
•    Reverse Polarity Protection
•    Soft start current control
•    Fast constant current bulk charge
•    3-stage charging: CI-CV-Float
•    Constant voltage float/standby
•    Proportional timing – minimal gas emission
•    Independent overrun timer
•    Accurate zero-crossing voltage sensing
•    Flexibility – to match battery specification
•    Available in UK/Euro/110V versions
•    Optional trolley available

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