Subaru specialists in Italy use Vixen vapor blasting machine

“The Aquablast brings the quality standard of our company to a higher level.”

Our customers AUTO 4, based in Italy specialise in the restoration of Subaru rally cars, just like this Impreza P1!

Before purchasing the vapor blasting machine, the owner Matteo was using a dry blasting method with unsatisfactory results and knew he needed our Aquablast!
Now, the Aquablast machine processes aluminium parts such as engine blocks and heads, ancillaries parts and suspensions to produce a like-new finish.
The addition of water acts as a lubricant and cleans by flow mixed with abrasive. This process is completely dust-free and creates a consistent, satin smooth finish!
Matteo went on to say: “The results are incredible. This machine helps us to offer a super quality, professional job to our customers.”
It’s no wonder Vixen are the no.1 choice for wet blasting equipment!
View our full range and witness the machine in action ➡️  if you would like a brochure, call our team on +44 (0)1642 769 333.

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