Sykes-Pickavant Introduces Two Exciting New Products to the Popular Coil Spring Compression Range

Joining the popular 08400000 Extra Heavy Duty Coil Spring Compressor is the new Sykes-Pickavant 08395000 Coil Spring Compressor, featuring a maximum load of 1500kg.

Sykes-Pickavant 08935000 DisassembledSupplied with two sets of standard jaws which are easily changed and feature hard-wearing polyurethane inserts (ø80-120mm and ø80-200mm), the new coil spring compressor dismantles McPherson struts safely and easily, handling approximately 90% of all cars.

Sykes-Pickavant 08395000 Coil Spring Compressor in ActionThe high-tech protective inserts improve safety considerably by forming themselves around and gripping the spring firmly to prevent it from slipping from the jaw whilst protecting the spring from scratches that can otherwise lead to corrosion. The large user-friendly ergonomic adjusting handle makes manual positioning of the jaw quick and easy.

Sykes-Pickavant 084000-01

The Coil Spring Compressor is TUV approved to safety factor 4, assuring the functional safety of the unit. The jaws are secured with strong bolts and equipped with a lip which locks the spring during compression for improved safety. For added protection, the new 084000-01 Heavy Duty Steel Safety Wire is also available which can be locked around the spring during compression to further prevent the risk of injury.


To take a look at the full Sykes-Pickavant Coil Spring Compression range, visit the website here.

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