Sykes-Pickavant Introduces Comprehensive New Range of Magnetic Jaws

A new range of Magnetic Jaws compatible with the Unbreakable Vice as well as any other vice of corresponding jaw size has recently been introduced to the Sykes-Pickavant range.

Sykes-Pickavant Magnetic Jaws in ViceThe collection offers a variety of jaw materials to ensure the correct type of grip for the job without causing damage to the workpiece.

The Neutral Aluminium jaw offers superior corrosion resistance with an excellent surface finish for holding even delicate objects securely. MSykes-Pickavant Neutral Jawsade from a hardened aluminium alloy 6063, T66F25 with magnesium and silicon as alloying elements, the material is ideal for securing items firmly in the vice while still protecting the surfaces of delicate objects.

Sykes-Pickavant Prism Aluminium JawsThe Prism / Vee Pipe finish is ideal for multipurpose use; allowing for horizontal clamping of flat objects, horizontal clamping of round objects and vertical clamping of round objects, for efficient clamping and protection of the workpiece at the same time. This solution is ideal for thread cutting, it is recommended only to use one prism jaw when carrying out this application to avoid destroying the jaw. The vee-groove will align the workpiece and the serrations of the opposite vice jaw will keep it from turning.

Sykes-Pickavant PUF JawsTwo Polyurethane options are available; Grooved or Cross-Serrated, featuring a shore hardness of A82 for a firm grip without the fear of damage or scratching, this flexible finish returns to its original shape after use.


Sykes-Pickavant Rubber JawsA fibre covered option is also available for high finished machined workpieces and a rubber option for irregularly shaped parts, thin-walled tubes and delicate items.

Sykes-Pickavant Prism Jaws Action

These Magnetic Jaws can also be used in combination with one another. For instance, for taper pins or thin-walled tubes it is recommended to use the Neutral or Prism / Vee Pipe together with the Rubber option. For irregularly profiled parts with one flat surface, the Fibre covered on the flat surface and the rubber covered on the profiled side should be used.

Take a look at the full range of Sykes-Pickavant Magnetic Jaws here or in the latest promotional release here.

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