Sykes-Pickavant Releases New Industrial Catalogue

In anticipation of the new year, Sykes-Pickavant has released it’s 2022 Industrial Catalogue, packed full of bestselling products and new additions geared towards Industrial, Engineering, Agricultural, Plant and HGV sectors.

The catalogue is an ideal distributor tool, from the branch counters to workshop visits, it bridges the gap between supplier and distributor to bring innovative solutions to the end-user in a comprehensive, user-friendly publication.

The current Puller & Separator range has been joined by a selection of exciting new products designed to provide easy extraction solutions whilst complementing the existing series. Two new Threaded Stud Extractors have been introduced, designed to remove both damaged and complete tapped dowels from their location holes, allowing undamaged dowels to be used again. Part number 09590000 covers M4 – M10 and 09595000 M6 – M20.

A collet style removal option has also been added; the new 09600000 6 – 16mm Dowel Pin Puller Set includes a range of six tapered collets that can attach to studs even when just a few threads are exposed. The process reduces the possibility of damage to stud threads, preventing shearing or damage to the stud and workpiece whilst avoiding bottoming or shouldering studs.

An exciting addition to the existing Torque section is the Protronic® Electronic Torque Wrench Range. The ProTronic® is a high-precision electronic torque and angle wrench which features a large backlit LCD display and can be easily configured to suit individual preferences and application requirements. Audible, visual and tactile signals alert the user when a pre-set torque or angle target is approached. The ProTronic® is also available as the ProTronic® Plus which features Bluetooth® connectivity with a specially designed app for more intuitive control.

As well as Torque and Pullers & Separators, the catalogue covers Industrial Equipment & Tools as well as Workshop Tools. The complete range of Sykes-Pickavant industrial products is featured in the catalogue, with solutions for workshop-based technicians as well as mobile friendly options for those who are based on the road.

The catalogue has been sent out to regular distributors but can also be requested from Sykes-Pickavant’s customer service team on 01543 679900 or by email here. A digital version is also available for download here.

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