TEXA RCCS2, radar and camera calibration solutions

ADAS systems (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) are designed to ensure driving safety and comfort and are becoming increasingly common in latest-generation vehicles, even in the utility segment.

Functions include autonomous emergency braking, assisted speed control, lane keep assist, pedestrian and traffic sign recognition, to name just a few.

The ability to provide professional services for these systems is no longer an option but a practical necessity if you want to keep pace with the times and offer your customers a top class assistance.

To help vehicle repair professionals work on these sophisticated active safety systems, TEXA has developed a complete range of modular, multi-brand tools that satisfy the needs of glass replacement specialists, body shops, multi-brand garages and tyre fitters.

The range includes:

– RCCS 2 (Radar and Camera Calibration System), available in three versions

– CCS (Camera Calibration System) – ACS (All Around Calibration System)

– Radar blind spot calibration reflector


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