The CP7782TL-6 Torque limited 1″ Impact is Ideal for Heavy Vehicle Applications

This tool is designed to provide a limited torque in forward position, giving out around 370 ft.lbs / 500 Nm, offering a reliable tightening process. The CP7782TL-6 forward mode allows the operator to tighten bolts with confidence, as it will limit the torque automatically. The operator can then simply finish off the tightening with a manual torque wrench.

The main mission of our CP7782TL-6 is to tighten bolts properly according to vehicle manufacturers’ recommendations and to increase the operator’s efficiency. For tough and hard-to-remove overtightened bolts, the CP7782TL-6 delivers high power in reverse up to 1920 ft.lbs / 2600 Nm.

It also offers a smooth forward / reverse switch with one torque limited setting in forward and 3 reverse positions to make the operator’s life easier.  The tool also features an ergonomic D-handle with full teasing trigger and pinless closed reinforced rocking dog mechanism.  A rubber bumper protects both the application and the tool.

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