Traction Charger: MPL10 Product Test

We sent two MPL10 battery charger units to two independent garages in the UK for their assessment and feedback. We’ve published the results below…

“Upon receiving Traction Charger’s MPL10 battery charger, you can see that it is of good construction, robust and well built, and is available in 12V, 10A, 20A, 50A and 24V 10A and 20A Versions. It also has a switch at the front of the charger to change these modes. It is suitable for use on AGM, GEL, Calcium and Lead Acid battery types, meaning it is suitable for all types of vehicle batteries that are used today. Easy, safe and simple to use, it has safety features that prevent recharging if the connections are accidentally reversed. It also needs to see a small voltage for the soft start current control to initiate the start of charging.

Most battery chargers need to see around 8V to recognise a battery, but this charger only required 1V, meaning that it was capable of charging a battery that was completely flat. I had a few batteries lying around that were incapable of starting a vehicle, and this charger seemed to have brought two of them back to life again.

The programme actively balances the amp and voltage inputs, and regulates them in order to achieve 100% charge in the shortest time, without the danger of gassing or thermal runaway. It also automatically switched to conditioning mode when it finished charging, so you are able to get the maximum out of the battery’s ability. Therefore, it can be connected indefinitely at the end of charging, which helps to compensate for a self-discharge.

I am a big fan of this charger, as it was easy to use, safe and a lot quicker to recharge the batteries than my existing two chargers. It is a very high quality product, and is well worth the investment to keep your batteries fully charged and in tip-top condition.”

Technician: Des Davies, Top Gear Motor Services

“The charger is compact, lightweight and easy to use. Once you get used to the red, amber and green light system, it’s easy to see what state of charge a battery is at. Even when the battery is fully charged, the charger reverts to reconditioning so that the charger can be left on indefinitely with no damage to the battery. The switch on the front lets you choose between conventional / AGM, and calcium/silver types of battery, and there is also a warning if you connect the leads up incorrectly, which is always useful!

Being able to disconnect the leads by way of a plug in block connector is also a good idea, as we have all damaged the leads and clamps at some point, and this makes it easy to fit new ones. The extra-long power lead is also useful a it means you aren’t trailing extension leads across the workshop floor.

The unit is small enough to be unobtrusive when carrying out diagnostic work when key on/engine off, and keeps the battery at a constant voltage so that no data gets lost. At this time of year, it is a great asset to know that our customers’ batteries are in top condition when they leave the workshop, and can mean the difference between trouble-free motoring and a breakdown as outside temperatures drop.

This range of battery chargers cover the whole automotive industry, and the MPL10 is the ideal unit for a small independent workshop like us. It’s always reassuring to know that the kit we use in our workshop is also OEM recommended.”

Technician: Ed Grimley, Tower Garage

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