Valeo Cabin Filters – A Product Focus and Technology Review

Join us on the 22nd September at 10am to find out more about Valeo Cabin Filters!

Air Pollution is a major public health issue. According to the World Health Organization, more than 90% of the world’s population lives in polluted areas. Emissions reduction has always been a major innovation driver at Valeo, in all of our market segments. Improving air quality for passengers is an integral part of our ambition to create safer mobility solutions.


With the recent launch and upgrade of new cabin filter technology, in this webinar, we look at the different range of cabin filters available on the market, why they are becoming an even bigger necessity to vehicle drivers around the world, and how each technology type protects vehicles passengers from ill health effects.


Attend this 20 minute webinar and take away the following:


  • The importance of cabin filters on a vehicle cabin occupants health and safety
  • The difference in design and technology on cabin filters in the Valeo range
  • Valeo’s NEW patented cabin air filters featuring polyphenols


Ideal for motor factors, garages and fitters to learn about Valeo’s cabin filter range range, different types of technologies and the importance of replacing them on a regular basis!

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