Vapour Blast Malta loves their Aquablast® 3 years on!

Here's another happy Aquablast® customer...
Daniel Bussutil in Malta purchased our Aquablast® just over 3 years ago and has never looked back!
He noticed a gap in the market for automotive restoration and after looking for a cleaning method and machine that could give years of reliable service, it became clear that Vixen could deliver just that!
Daniel opted for our Aquablast® 1215 which is a popular choice for restoring and refinishing cars and motorcycle components.
Vixen’s vapor blasting technology has many advantages and benefits over dry blasting and in this video, Daniel showcases the truly amazing results you can achieve!
As you can see the customer was unhappy with the dull finish on the dry blasting method. And so, Daniel used our Vixen machine to refinish and produce a shiny cosmetic finish.
Our range of wet blasting cabinets uses a completely dust-free process of water mixed with abrasive which lubricates the part to produce a soft satin finish. Guaranteed lustre brand-new results every time!
Some of the many advantages of vapour blasting:
  • ⭐️ Cleans by flow, not by impact
  • ⭐️ Water acts as a lubricant, no surface damage
  • ⭐️ 100% dust-free process
  • ⭐️ Time-efficient – quicker productivity
Daniel said:
“The 1215 gives an even and consistent shine to all the aluminium parts I blast. The effect that the machine creates is spectacular. Some people think the parts I’ve wet blasted are new or sprayed with a coating, with the finished result.”
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