VDO: TPMS creates huge profit opportunities for MOT centes

A Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is currently an exciting topic in the automotive aftermarket. As more vehicles are fitted with a TPMS, the demand to maintain and repair a vehicle’s TPMS is continually rising.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) became a mandatory fitment on new vehicles registered after Nov 2014. With recent changes to MOT requirements making a TPMS fault light an automatic MOT fail, garages and tyre specialists have realised the new revenue and overall profit potential of repairing and servicing a vehicle’s TPMS.

DVSA revealed that over 23,000 vehicles failed the MOT in 2017 due to TPMS defects. With 3.21million vehicles with a TPMS expecting their first MOT in 2018, garages and tyre specialists are preparing themselves for this huge business opportunity by investing in TPMS solutions from the VDO brand of international tyre specialist Continental.

VDO’s TPMS Pro is an all-in-one comprehensive TPMS tool. It’s advanced features and functions allows you to perform TPMS diagnosing and servicing easily and efficiently when replacing tyres or ensuring an MOT pass. Thanks to frequent updates, it can read and program all new TPMS sensors and vehicles. The optional docking station and printer allows you to print data for your customer on or off-site, making the VDO TPMS Pro tool an ideal solution for the mobile tyre fitter.

As a longstanding partner of aftermarket retailers and automotive manufacturers, VDO also offer OE quality TPMS sensors for all common models. With VDO, workshops and tyre specialists benefit from perfectly fitting solutions that install easily, quickly and safely for the perfect tyre service.

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