Vixen’s Aquablast® – “great results, very quick, no mess!”

Vixen's Aquablast® range produces superior results, every time but don't just take our word for it!
Here’s our customers Gatwick Vapour Blasting in the UK who have sent in another video showcasing our 915 model.
The owner Sim has had our machine for over 9 months now and specialises in the restoration of motorcycles and classic cars. He’s even been able to branch our his vapor blasting services to manufacturers and engineering companies for surface finishing on aluminium and non-ferrous components.
“As you can see it’s come up beautifully clean, it’s lovely and shiny. It’s a great result, very quick, no mess!”
The 915 model is compact and suitable for any workshop environment due to the dust-free process. Vixen’s Aquablast® machine uses wet blasting technology of water mixed with abrasive to simultaneously blast and degrease and cleans by flow rather than impact.
Sim opted for our fixed turntable which is ideal for processing larger and heavier parts. This means he can easily manoeuvre components 360 degrees to ensure a complete surface finish.

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