Vixen’s Global Aquablast Customers

The global market-leader for vapor blasting equipment!

Here at Vixen, we are proud to have our Aquablast® cabinets up and running in over 50 countries worldwide!

With 30 years of experience and industry knowledge behind us, our wet blasting machines are designed and manufactured to be reliable, robust and represent value for money.
Here’s just a handful of our Aquablast customers who use our vapour blasting models every day to blast clean, restore and refinish components in many industries such as Automotive, 3D printing, Aerospace and Medical.
As the perfect alternative to dry blasting, our Aquablast machines use water mixed with abrasive media to clean by flow rather than impact. This dust-free process produces a soft uniformed finish every time.
✅ “Do your homework, go to Vixen!”
✅ “Operates flawlessly and restores parts to better than new!”
✅ “The Rolls Royce of vapour blasting Machines”
✅ “The no.1 quality machine on the market!”
✅ “High quality and a good reputation for reliability.”
✅ “Vixen provided us with a fantastic stress-free service.”
✅ “As much as I like to buy American, Vixen is superior in every way!”
You don’t have 1000’s happy customers for no reason!
Join our worldwide customers in the likes of USA, Germany, New Zealand and South Africa who love our Aquablast machine.
To find out more and to read our glowing 5 ⭐️ customer reviews, visit ➡️
Watch more of our videos on our YouTube ➡️

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