WD-40 White Lithium Grease

Anyone thinking WD-40®, which is famed for its iconic water displacement and lubricating properties, is something of a one trick pony well, they will have to think again!

Boasting a comprehensive portfolio of products developed to help professionals and DIYers alike, a classic example must be its White Lithium grease, found within its Specialist range.

In summary, what you have is a totally sprayable grease (and not a gloopy paste) which adheres extremely well to metal, is noncorrosive, moisture resistant, handles heavy wear and tear exceptionally well along high temperatures.

Its usage in and around any vehicle is endless. From lubricating door locks and hinges to wiper blade mechanisms and electric windows and bushes, bearings,  gears, sunroof mechanisms to tow bars. It really comes into its own in preventing metal-on-metal friction and adding extra protection from water. As it’s a grease and not a liquid it can be sprayed on vertical subjects without dripping or running.

A typical example of where WD-40®’s White Lithium grease comes into its own is fixing a bonnet latch. Most mechanics and/or motorists have been faced with a front bonnet that refuses to shut tight. Effectively metal on metal. Due to their very nature being at the front of a car they are relatively exposed and prone to corrosion and seizing.

Ninety-nine per cent of the time the mechanism will just need TLC as the levers, pivot points and return springs will be seized. The can’s Smart Straw enables the solution to be liberally sprayed on and around the area while its thinner nozzle enables a more precise and direct application within the actual mechanism. With some gentle movement and manually working the latch will invariably free up and be as good as new.

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