What is Static?

What is Static? Static is the invisible enemy of the perfect paint finish! You may be surprised to learn how many every day, profit draining problems static causes…


Why is it a problem?

Most people appreciate that static charge is a major cause of paint film contamination, however all these other problems can also be caused by static: Non-consistent laydown of metallic, blending/colour matching problems, un-even application of material, dark edges, patchiness.

Even the best painters in the cleanest booths can’t escape the problems which static can cause. Static rarely causes problems which cannot be fixed, however the problems must be overcome using extra time and materials, which in turn decrease productivity

Where does it come from?

Many everyday processes within a bodyshop can cause static build-up, including sanding, panel wiping, tacking, blowing off, masking and even the application of materials. The final preparation process of tacking is one of the highest generators of static electricity. All these procedures incorporate some type of contact and separation with the panel, whether it is physical contact or air contact.

How can I remove it?

The only way to remove static effectively throughout the painting process (before adhesion promotor/primer/base/clear) is to use ionised air. As the static forms in positive and negative charge, the positive and negative ions produced from the Stat-Gun neutralise the charge (positive neutralises negative & vice versa). If you only remove it once at the start of the application process static will be reintroduced along the way causing the same issues to reoccur.

Specifically designed for use within a bodyshop, experience the Stat Gun for yourself with our Free 7day Trial.

Benefit’s of the Stat Gun:

  • Cordless
  • Battery Operated (Non-Radioactive)
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Fully ATEX approved for use in Class 1 Flammable environments
  • Laser guided
  • Replaced free of charge at any time due to accidental damage/wear and tear (on rental contracts)

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