Who is Rimfinity For?

Rimfinity offers class-leading protection for drivers running either alloy or steel wheels - in a wide range of rim sizes (with new sizes being developed all the time).

Rimfinity is perfect for drivers looking to protect their wheels against:

  • ‘Kerb Rash’ (common light contact)
  • Medium kerbing impacts
  • Heavy duty kerbing impacts
  • Standing road debris
  • Off-road track and trail debris
  • Flying stones and gravel
  • Tyre sidewall damage

For Drivers with Alloy Wheels: Typically lighter and more elaborate in design than steel wheels, alloys are also very expensive to replace or repair; and due to the soft nature of aluminium can quickly and easily become damaged. Rimfinity can prevent such damage and thanks to its unique profile design, does not actually interface with the alloy surface, so will not reveal an unsightly ring of scratches on removal.

For Drivers with Steel Wheels: Because of its suitability for steel wheel protection, Rimfinity is the perfect upgrade for drivers of Pickups, SUV’s and Utility vehicles. With premium ‘go anywhere’ vehicles like the new Defender being specified with steel wheels as standard, protection has never been so important. Upgrade to Rimfinity and protect your precious rims against flying stone and gravel chips, and brushes with all kinds of gnarly terrain.


If you have any questions, please contact

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