Windscreen Wizard Pro Full Kit

Introducing the all new Windscreen Wizard a specialised bespoke manufactured product which allows you to remove a whole windscreen in minutes.

Designed in conjunction with specialist engineers, windscreen removal companies and windscreen technician experts this product finally produces the perfect solution for the growing need for a wire removal system for a modern day windscreen.

In the hands of a trained technician, a vehicle windscreen can be removed without fuss or mess in less than 20 minutes with the Windscreen Wizard tool-kit.

Like all great inventions, its brilliance lies in its simplicity. It operates like a cheese-cutter to pull a wire through the surrounding urethane on which the windscreen sits.

The ‘cheese-cutter’ is cleverly mounted on the interior of the windscreen by suction-activated vacuum pumps, to which a fence-tensioning type of ratchet is attached. By winding the ratchet, this pulls the ‘cheese-cutting’ wire through the sealant around the windscreen and – when completed – the windscreen can simply be lifted out by hand by the technician.

The benefits of this system are:

  • Prevents damage to the vehicle interior and exterior
  • Aallows removal of tight or encapsulated windscreens where blades can’t fit
  • Eliminates possibility or technician injury or strain
  • Allows whole glass to be removed and if necessary re-used – no damage to glass
  • Once removed the vehicle aperture has a tight clean urethane bond left which allows for a direct refit with minimal cutback needed
  • Most vehicle dealers and insurance work now stipulates for an automated wiring device to be used
  • Huge reduction is consumable’s costs
  • Can be used on all sorts of vehicle glass removal i.e windscreen, rear glass, quarter lights, sunroofs, car, truck, bus etc

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