Are You Earning eXtra?

This promotion ends May 30, 2036
We will reward your loyalty through the eXtra reward programme, every time you buy a Bosch automotive product* from your distributor. You can collect valuable eXtra points, which can then be exchanged for a free attractive reward. All workshops can register for free!


Sign up online quickly and easily in a few simple steps.
1. Fill out the registration form
2. Check for activation email and activate account
3. Receive a free posted† welcome pack

Buy Bosch Products and collect eXtra points

1. Purchase a selected Bosch automotive product
2. Remove barcode from product package and place into barcode collection bag
3. Send them back regularly to the eXtra service centre


1. Visit eXtra website to view available rewards
2. Redeem your eXtra points to rewards at any time

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