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Prolific users of WD-40®’s famed Multi-Use Product can be excused for swapping the iconic cans for the more cost effective, but bulkier, containers.

Introduced to meet the demands of professionals whereby a single can is all too often not enough to meet their daily demands, the five litre and 25 litre containers provide users with the benefits of bulk-buying by enabling them to simply fill up a reusable applicator bottle.

Whilst the plus sides are obvious, there is a so-called ‘downside’ in as much as users are unlikely to have experienced the benefits of WD-40® Flexible Straw– the recently introduced and totally innovative Flexible straw affixed to a can that has been developed to deliver its famed solution with pin-point accuracy.

WD-40® has set aside a staggering 20,000 cans of WD-40® Flexible to ensure those who bulk-buy its famed Multi-Use Product, can fully experience its benefits too. In summary, anyone who buys a five-litre container of WD-40® Multi-use Product will receive a free can of WD-40® Flexible Straw worth £8.99 (SSP).

The move is all part of the company’s latest drive to ensure as many of its longstanding customers and prolific users, who bulk-buy its iconic Multi-Use Product that has been the mainstay for most professional tradesmen and women for decades, can reap the benefits of its latest innovation.

WD-40® Flexible is the evolution of the simple, but effective, red straw taped to classic WD-40 cans. The first of its kind, Flexible is a hard-wearing, totally pliable ‘straw’ that maintains its ability to precisely feed WD-40® to exactly the right spot, even if curved around the tightest of bends. Ingeniously, and thanks to its ‘Spray 2 Ways’ technology, a simple flip down of the flexible straw ensures users can experience a wider spray to cover larger areas. Its 360° valve ensures users literally can ‘Reach the Unreachable’ even with the can upside down.

Gurpreet Pawar, Trade Marketing Manager, said: “WD-40® Flexible Straw is a revelation and provides users with best of both worlds, by ensuring complete flexibility and durability when delivering our solution with pin-point accuracy or liberally spreading it over larger areas”.

“It has proven an instant hit with anyone who uses it, from builders and mechanics to plumbers and electricians. We just believe those who reap the benefits of bulk buying WD-40® Multi-Use Product are missing out on the huge advantages WD-40® Flexible Straw brings. This promotion addresses that.”

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