Exclusive Offer: Get a free MiFi unit with our 500GB data tariff – from just £19.50 per month

Alessandra Lee of Lea Recruitment Consultancy Ltd had been struggling with her previous broadband supplier. DuoCall took a look at her needs and found a connectivity solution that would work for her at home and in the office.

Sign up to our 500GB data tariff and get a FREE Alcatel Link Zone 4G LTE Cat7 MiFi unit – From just £19.50 per month! Perfect for remote workers or for use as a backup connectivity solution. Register your interest today!

What’s Included in our special offer?

  • 500GB Data – Work from home, apply a backup connectivity solution and more with 500GB data each month. That’s enough to stream 250 hours of HD video, listen to 128,000 songs on Spotify and take part in 2,000 hours of video calls.
  • Free MiFi Unit – Get a free Alcatel Link Zone 4G LTE Cat7 Mobile Wi-Fi unit when you take out a 24 month contract on our 500GB data tariff. Shorter contract terms are also available.

  • Ultra fast 4G LTE – Whether you’re using your Alcatel MiFi unit to work remotely or as a backup internet connection, its dual-band Wi-Fi and 4G LTE speeds will guarantee maximum performance. Receive up to 300Mbps download and up to 100Mbps upload.

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