Get 10% off Key Cutting Machines, Diagnostic Tools, Keys & Remotes This Easter

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Get involved in 3D Group's Easter weekend extravaganza! We are offering 10% off EVERYTHING site-wide, so make sure you take advantage of it this Easter weekend. With lockdown end in sight and businesses reopening soon, there's no better time to get back to normality with a brand new sparkly key cutting machine, diagnostic tool or just a freshly stocked workshop.  Follow the rule of six this Easter and shop our six most popular brands: OSCA, Xhorse, Keyline, JMA, Autel and Silca.. you know you want to!


OSCA diagnostic tool is unique and one of the very first devices of their kind! Cloud based diagnostics come with no complicated software install or updates, just live in depth diagnostics and programming at your fingertips via scripts and live technicians.


Xhorse is one of our most popular brands, offering a huge range of products, such as diagnostic tools, key cutting machines, accessories, remotes and more. Don’t miss out, get the popular Key Tool Plus, Condor, Mini Prog
and others with 10% discount.


Keyline has built a stellar reputation at a global level for operating as an innovative company in the field of key production and the manufacture of mechanical and electronic key cutting machines. Check out the range including the famous Gymkana 994 key cutting machine, STAK key programmer and more.


JMA are known for their excellent range of keys and key cutting machinery that caters to all price points. From more simple machines like the hardwearing and robust Titan Master copy cylinder key cutting machine up to the top of the line and highly advanced Capri that is designed to copy laser and dimple keys.


Autel are here and they are breaking the stigma around Chinese made machines. They have been building a fantastic reputation around the world with their high quality, hardwearing and easy to use machines. The IM508 and IM608 are two of the most advanced and high-tech key programming and diagnostic machines on the market and are rapidly becoming truly essential tools for auto-locksmiths everywhere.


Silca’s key blank product range is one of the widest and most complete in the world, with over 60,000 different key blank articles dedicated to any kind of use. Their key cutting machines are well known to be at the peak of the industry in terms of quality and design. The top of the range Futura Pro Automotive combines high levels of accuracy and innovation, with an easy to use and beautifully simple interface that works well for even inexperienced users.

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