Injector & Glow Plug Removal

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Get a quote now! 01233 642816. Either of these services can either be done at our workshop or off site at a premises of your choice.

Glow Plug Removals
Making sure your seized or snapped glow plug is removed correctly from your engine is important as if it isn’t it can be very expensive.

So why not get a professional to do it? At the Thomas Group we have a handful of fully trained professionals that can help you.

Injector Removals
We also do injector removals here at the Thomas Group. The starting price is from £140 as it varies depending on what type of vehicle & injectors it is.

After the injectors are removed, we can also fit new ones, repaired ones or see if your old ones are repairable.

Whatever you do – do not try and attempt it yourself. It could cause more damage to the engine resulting in more expenses.


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