What services do we offer?

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Here at the Thomas Group we do a variety of services, these include:

✔ Vehicle Repairs
✔ Testing injectors
✔ Injector repairs
✔ Diagnostic testing
✔ Injector Removal
✔ Glow Plug Removal

Local collection & delivery in the Kent & East Sussex area.

We test your injectors!

Buying new injectors can be expensive, so why not test them first? Our injector testing prices start at £25.

We repair your injectors!

If your injectors appear to be broken or have been tested by us and are broken, not to worry! We can repair them using our quality replacement parts.

We sell brand new & repaired injectors!

If all else fails, we can sell you brand new injectors or ones we have repaired ourselves! We have every option available here at the Thomas Group.

Choose the Thomas Group, we take care of you.

01233 642816

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