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Chicago Pneumatic introduces its new CP74 Series of ¼” and 6mm pneumatic die grinders, designed to optimise productivity and operator comfort. Delivering up to 20% more power than the CP91 range and with a collet design for quick and easy burr changes, the CP74 pneumatic die grinders can help optimise productivity in metal fabrication applications, as well as vehicle servicing and repair such as matching welded surface, deburring, and chamfering, amongst other.

The CP74 Series of ¼” and 6mm pneumatic die grinders are equipped with a novel locking spindle system that makes changing the carbide burrs quicker and easier than standard die grinders needing two spanner wrenches. By removing the use of one spanner wrench operators no longer have to place the tool in a vice or between their knees, reducing production stoppage times and improving productivity. CP74 die grinders further contribute to operational efficiency by offering a choice of six different heads – short or long, straight or angled (120°, 90°) – to offer the best possible configuration for the application.

User comfort is another key attraction of the CP74 Series. The grinder’s handles are made from thermoplastic rubber (TPR) which ensures that the operator can maintain a good surface grip. In addition, the rugged composite casing on the CP74 die grinders acts as an insulator, reducing heat transfer between the motor and the sleeve. In combination, these features ensure that the operator can work comfortably for longer.

CP74 pneumatic die grinders operate between 22,000-28,000 rpm depending on the model. With the smallest grinder in the series weighing just 1.1 lb. (0.5 kg) and the largest grinder 2.43 lb. (1.1 kg), these tools offer excellent power-to-weight performance. With a maximum air consumption under load of 1.4 l/s (3.0cfm), the CP74 pneumatic die grinders are also economical to run.

All CP74 pneumatic die grinders have been rigorously tested to meet ISO quality standards, as well as the benchmarks for performance, vibration, noise, and durability that Chicago Pneumatic demands of all its tools.

To find out more about Chicago Pneumatic’s CP74 ¼” pneumatic die grinders please contact us as below.

Chicago Pneumatic is offering a brand new kit from the CP74 series of die grinders launching in April!  Be one of the first to own one!


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