Win a fantastic Honda Monkey motorcycle in NGK’s new parts promotion

Ignition and sensor specialist NGK is offering members of its Box Clever independent garage loyalty scheme the chance to win a fabulous prize based around its market-leading spark plugs and NTK Lambda sensors.

The company is encouraging BoxClever members to return the single boxes that its spark plugs and NTK Lambda sensors come supplied in so they can be entered into a prize draw in March to win a fantastic 125cc Honda Monkey motorcycle, worth almost £3800.

In addition, every time they purchase the components during the month they will be given extra points to exchange for prizes; with the value of nickel and precious metal spark points being increased from five and ten points respectively to twenty points and Lambda sensors rising from 150 to 300 points.

Demand for the products will be high to cope with a surge in demand for MoTs and the expected resulting failures of vehicles on emission issues.

During the first coronavirus lockdown last Spring vehicle owners were granted an emergency six-month MoT exemption, as part of the ongoing fight against coronavirus.

However, the Government has not made any such announcement during the third lockdown which means that if a motorist’s MoT is due to expire in March – which sees the introduction of the new 21 car registration plate. – they will need to book a test and take their car to a garage as normal.

It will consequently be a busy month for MoTs and NGK says a huge number of vehicles will fail the test on emissions which will lead to increased demand for the replacement of spark plugs and Lambda sensors.

A record 1.3 million vehicles are failing MoT tests due to emissions, according to BookMyGarage. The Freedom of Information (FOI) request to the DVSA by the MoT and service price comparison site found more cars have failed on emissions in the last two years than any other before it following tougher regulations introduced in 2018.

Mark Hallam, Marketing Manager, NGK Spark Plugs (UK) Ltd, said: “March will see a high demand for the fitment of Lambda sensors and spark plugs due to MoT emission failures and we are making it even more attractive for BoxClever members to fit our components by not only offering extra points for purchases during the month but also giving them the chance to win a fantastic Honda Monkey motorcycle. Every time they purchase one of the products and return the box during the month they will be entered into a free draw.

“The past year has been tough for both businesses and individuals because of the coronavirus pandemic and we are sure that BoxClever members will relish the chance to win the motorcycle and enjoy the opportunity of rediscovering the freedom of the roads this Spring when social restrictions will hopefully be eased.”

NGK is the world’s largest manufacturer of Lambda sensors and supplies a market-leading range to the UK aftermarket under the NTK brand name.


There are good reasons why NTK Lambda sensors are the No.1 choice of vehicle manufacturers (VMs) around the world, they are ‘Similar but different’.

NGK says the experience it has in supplying the VMs worldwide allows it to offer exactly the right sensor for every vehicle application.

The company says distributors should encourage garages to always go with a bespoke OE-quality Lambda sensor and steer well clear of ‘universal sensors’. A ‘universal’ Lambda sensor is designed to cover as many applications as possible by splicing in the connector from the unit being replaced. In theory, this sounds like a good idea. In practice the potential for a mismatch with the vehicle’s system or subsequent premature failure is very high.

NGK Platinum and Iridium alloy spark plugs are more often the choice of vehicle manufacturers now. NGK laser welds small pins of these precious metals to the electrode tip. Iridium is the best material. It is truly a precious metal – being one of the least abundant elements. It is chosen for its hardness, resistance to heat, oxidisation and wear.

NGK’s vast experience and technology ensures that there is no doubt that it is the world’s No.1 spark plug with drivers benefitting from improved on-the-road performance and fuel economy coupled with lower emissions.

This is why the NGK product range has the right product for nearly every engine and every demand.

  • Unique design to guarantee the best possible performance
  • Wide range of different heat ratings for high thermal endurance
  • High-performance spark plugs for the newest engine technologies

Precious metal spark plugs may be more expensive, but when specified by VMs and used during service and repair they will prevent possible problems due to:

  • poor ignition performance
  • poor tolerance to fouling
  • higher ignition coil loads
  • and increasing unwanted emission.


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