Arnott: Video Installation for Land Rover Discovery (LR3-LR4) and Range Rover Sport

In this video we show automotive repair professionals how to remove and install the AMK Air Suspension Compressor from Arnott for the 2005-2014 Land Rover Discovery LR3, LR4, and 2006-2017 Range Rover Sport.

The AMK Air Suspension Compressor part P-2645, is designed to replace the problematic Hitachi OE compressor. This AMK air supply unit includes a bracket so it can easily replace the OE pump and bracket. This new compressor includes a release solenoid and an integrated dryer and filter. The compressor comes pre-wired with new air hoses and fittings for plug and play operation. This AMK compressor comes with vibration isolators, mounting hardware and a new compressor relay. If replacing the OE Hitachi compressor a dealer provided software update is required.


  • Modular and Compact Design
  • Maintenance-Free Operation
  • Includes Dryer and Compressor Relay
  • Pre-assembled for plug & play operation
  • Detailed Installation Manual

Note: P-3431 supersedes P-2645.  For more information on P-3431, click here:

This information is provided to you by Arnott – Air Suspension Products. With more than 30 years of experience in engineering, designing, and manufacturing high quality air suspension components for the aftermarket, Arnott is the technical expert when it comes to air suspension systems. Arnott’s products are produced with high-quality, OE components offering exact form, fit and function. Each product is extensively tested in our American and European facilities and custom-tuned to suit the specific vehicle make and model before being produced.

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