Autocare Members Benefit from Helpline

One of the key benefits to members of the AutoCare network is unlimited access to their technical helpline.

For many AutoCare members, the helpline is a critical tool to their workshop.  In a typical month, the helpline receives over 600 calls for assistance from our member garages.

Calls range from simple data information requests, component locations, wiring diagrams or even service information.

More common are requests for help in testing components or diagnostic processes.  More frequently we are asked for help setting up and understanding the skills required to navigate modern diagnostic equipment.

One very common request is help with a customer Picoscope. Either with an online presence while they operate the equipment or help with analysing their results.

AutoCare offer day classroom sessions for such training, and here at the Help Line we offer continued support after the initial training.

One recent file sent for our support was on an ABS issue on a ford Kuga.


On initial inspection it looked straight forward as the garage had already made the decision to replace the drive shaft combined reluctor ring for an obvious missing tooth issue.

Unfortunately, this was not the actual issue, and a call to us here at the help line we looked deeper into the problem.

We analysed the signal more deeply and explained that some fine measurements revealed a hidden problem with the Speed sensor.

And we provided a test plan to confirm the issue, crossing the good sensor to the suspect loom side. This revealed the sensor was indeed the actual problem.

Here you can see when looking deeper into the trace revealed the signal error…

Moving forward with Technology can be a very difficult decision for garages to make, but we at Autocare Technical are here to support our customers in any way we can. With the information available to us there is normally a fast solution to most requests for assistance.

If it is information you need or just a second opinion to your diagnostic enquiry we are here to help.

Our database of known issues gathered from many years of technical help and the experience of our staff can help turn your customers vehicles around much faster than struggling with unknown issues.

Sometimes a different approach to a problem or offering diagnostic techniques that might not be known by a technician can make all the difference.

As technology is changing so fast keeping up to date can prove very difficult.

Sometimes a good system knowledge can give a technician the confidence to take on ever more complex issues that present themselves.

Making sure that no opportunity is lost by the lack of knowledge on any vehicle that arrives in the workshop.

Contact us below for more information or call 01274 654605

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