Blue Print – Skoda Roomster Clutch Replacement Part One

The model featured in this article is fitted with the popular 1.2 TSi engine and a 5-speed manual gearbox. The vehicle was reported to have an issue with the smoothness of its clutch pedal operation, follow our two part feature on the replacement of the clutch.

The Škoda Roomster – an incredibly versatile family car – was first introduced into the market in 2006. This model can be described as the forerunner to the Yeti. Many of the mechanical components that make up this model are very familiar to the rest of the Volkswagen group range, including the chassis and powertrain, which were taken from the Fabia and Octavia models.

The vehicle was reported to have an issue with the smoothness of its clutch pedal operation. This required the gearbox to be removed and the clutch inspected to diagnose the fault and fix it.

Once in the workshop, the bonnet was opened, and the battery, battery tray and air cleaner assembly were removed to provide access to the top of the gearbox. This revealed the gear selector, clutch slave cylinder, starter motor and gearbox mounting.

First the gear selector cables were unclipped from the selector levers. Then, the three retaining bolts from the cable bracket were removed, and the cables were put to one side. Next, the plastic clip retaining the relay lever was carefully removed. After that, the selector lever was removed and unbolted. With this lever removed, the starter motor could be taken out. This supplies extra clearance when removing the gearbox. The lever shaft has a master spline – when it comes to refitting the lever, it can only be fitted in one position.

The clutch slave cylinder was unbolted and secured, followed by the reverse lamp switch wiring harness, leaving only the gearbox retaining bolts to be removed at this stage.

The engine was supported by an engine brace before the two bolts that hold the gearbox mount in place were removed. Then, the vehicle was raised to a working height.

The front wheels were removed. This was followed by the removal of both lower suspension arm swivel joint retaining bolts. The joints were freed from the hub assemblies and covered with a plastic cap to protect the rubber boot and thread from any potential damage.

The left-hand wheel arch liner followed this.

The inner driveshaft joint retaining bolts were unbolted. The driveshafts could then be pulled free from the drive flanges to provide ample clearance for the removal of the gearbox. The exposed driveshaft joints were wrapped in a plastic bag to stop any grit from entering the joint until they were ready to be refitted.

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