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The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) has published new research suggesting that, as an increasing number of electric vehicles are sold in the UK, garages are struggling to keep up with staff who are trained to service these new types of cars. For technicians that have spent their careers servicing and fixing cars powered by petrol and diesel engines, having hybrid or all-electric cars arrive in their service bays represents a big change. Bosch UK recognises that it is important that technicians are able to diagnose and fix these cars in conjunction with the ever-growing demand for electric transport.

To help highlight this issue, the BBC came to the STC (Service Training Centre) in Denham a couple of weeks ago to film one of the EV training courses, and interviewed Alex Gibson, the Bosch Technical Trainer, to find out why Electric Vehicle training is so important.

“Well first of all it was exciting having the BBC here,” said Alex. “It was interesting too, it’s opened up my eyes as to how much the production team need to do for just a few minute broadcast. They must have filmed the interview from at least four different angles!

Alex has taught the course for several years.

“It’s becoming more and more popular as more garages realise how important it is that they are able to service all types of vehicles,” he says. “Most importantly, we want to show them how to safely look after electrically powered vehicles. Hybrid and electric vehicles incorporate high voltage batteries and motors that can be completely alien to technicians that have spent most of their life working on internal combustion engine vehicles. Whilst there are many similarities, braking, suspension, interior to name a few. The powertrain can be completely different. Whilst some cars may only need to be serviced, others may be in the garage because there’s a fault, so technicians need to know how to approach the cars, the high voltage batteries, and the motors, in a safe way and have the skillset to safely diagnose and repair them.”

Bosch offer a complete suite of Hybrid and Electric Vehicle training courses, available to suit all needs and requirements. These range from essential EV knowledge and awareness, right up to fully-qualified ‘expert’ technician at Level 4 (IMI Accredited).

For added convenience, much of this training can be attended online, with the courses adopting Bosch’s unique Virtual Classroom and Blended Learning delivery methods.

Courses available are as follows:

  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Awareness (Level 1) Online, Virtual Classroom – 4 hours
  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Systems (IMI Levels 2 & 3 Combined) Online, Blended Learning – 10 hours (over 5 online modules) + 1 hour assessment
  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Systems (IMI Level 4) Online, Blended Learning – 12 hours (over 6 online modules) + 3 hours assessment

For more information, including course booking, dates and pricing, please visit, email or contact your Bosch parts distributor.

Links to Course Overviews:

VSH22-VC (HEV Level 1)

VSH267-B (HEV Levels 2 & 3)

VSH28-B (HEV Level 4)

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