Bosch Training Update

Firstly, a Happy New Year to you all, we hope that 2022 has got off to a good start for you. We have certainly been busy on the training front and have some important news to share, regarding changes to our programmes with new courses for this year and beyond!

In the Bosch Diagnostic Technician Programme there are a few changes, with 2 brand new courses and the inclusion of our ADAS Diagnosis course to the programme.

The first of the new courses, VSTD52 Engine Operation and Measuring of Components has been added in order to cover some key skills that were missing previously. This is a completely new course and will need to be completed by all candidates who wish to achieve certification for the complete BDT programme.

Details of the course can be found in the overview here: VSTD52 Overview

Another new course, VSG18 – Engine Management: Diagnosis of Systems and Components replaces the older VSG2 and VSG5. Candidates who have successfully completed both VSG2 and VSG5 will be credited automatically with VSG18.

Further information on this can be seen in the overview here: VSG18 Overview

VSG11 (GDI) has been substantially updated for 2022, however those who successfully completed the previous version will be credited with the new VSG11.

Further information on this can be seen in the overview here: VSG11 Overview New

As previously mentioned, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Diagnosis (VSB40) has been added to the BDT programme for 2022, reflecting the desire for knowledge on ADAS, due to the prevalence of these systems on vehicles being booked into independent workshops.

The new flowchart reflecting these changes can be found here: BDT Flowchart 2022

In the Bosch Master Technician Programme, the recently released Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Systems – Level 4 (VSH28-B) has now been added, replacing the previous Level 3 EV course (VSH27).

This is the highest level of qualification currently available, hence inclusion into our BMT programme.

The new flowchart reflecting these changes can be found here: BMT Flowchart 2022

For those of you who are keen to enrol on training but would prefer to do this from the comfort of your workshop, staff room or office, please remember we have a whole suite of fantastic Virtual Classroom training courses available, with subjects including Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, Vehicle Safety Systems and a range of other topics.

These courses are ideal for technicians and staff wishing to gain an overview of technical subject matters. They also form an ideal introductory platform to our more advanced technical training courses programmes.

Should you have any questions relating to the above information, please speak with your WBD.

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