Delphi Technologies Academy goes from strength to strength

Amid the pandemic and to a backdrop of a highly challenging time for the aftermarket, Delphi Technologies addressed customers’ rapidly evolving training requirements with the October 2021 launch of the Delphi Training Academy.

Developed over a 12-month period by Delphi Technologies’ in-house training experts, the online platform represented a significant automotive training breakthrough, not only in providing the aftermarket with an easily accessible, industry-leading route to learning new skills but also by overcoming the traditional challenges that garages face when pursuing physical, in-person training.

Six months later, and the Delphi Technologies Academy has gone from strength to strength, as Phil Michell, Technical Services Manager, Delphi Technologies aftermarket explains:

Even before the pandemic we could see there was an urgent need for such a comprehensive online training facility, and we were pleased to deliver it at the perfect time for the industry. As well as offering a convenient and quick way to engage with the latest yet increasingly commonplace technologies, it arrived at a point when garages were finding it incredibly difficult to consider practical training due to playing “catch-up” in terms of work, significantly reduced revenues, and many training providers having a training backlog due to lockdown.


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