Following the UK Garage & Bodyshop Event 2022, Snap-on is supporting the industry to ‘level-up’ skillset.

Snap-on Diagnostics is committed to product innovation that gives aftermarket technicians the ability to stay ahead of the curve and work on next-gen vehicle systems.

As part of our strategic planning we have been working on programmes and products that will help our customers with the new technology coming to market. As expected, at the show we saw a big shift in visitors to our stand wanting to get information about EV technology, training and equipment, that will become a necessity for all garages. Snap-on are there to help garages modernise services, and prioritise levelling up technician abilities to match the demand of these next-gen technologies.

Visitors to the Snap-on stand at the UK Garage and Bodyshop Event 2022, got hands-on with revolutionary Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics Systems which is known for its ability to predict a technician’s next move. It guides technicians through each step of the solution-finding process, cutting through the myriad of options, eliminating guesswork, and displaying only the information relevant to the specific vehicle and fault code to get to the root of the problem and provides technicians with the fastest path to complete the job.

Snap-on customers know they can rely on them to keep up with industry changes, and their investment delivers them the most complex and technologically advanced solution on the market, backed by outstanding customer service and training support.

Snap-on trains thousands of people each year and is dedicated to providing technicians with the resources, knowledge, and ability to do their jobs well. As a result, they strongly believe in the value of training to provide technicians with the opportunity to learn more and be the best they can be.

Technicians who use Snap-on diagnostic tools can benefit from a series of free online training resources available through their website. The information is divided into several topics and contains scan tool procedures as well as analysis, recommendations, and direction from their team of industry professionals.

It includes training on features found only on Snap-on diagnostic tools, including SureTrack™, Snap-on Cloud and Snap-on Security Link™. This content is offered in bite-sized episodes that are easy to follow and understand, ensuring that technicians get the most out of their platforms.

Customers of Snap-on can also attend online training seminars led by Steve Fox for the ZEUS, APOLLO, and TRITON platforms. A Snap-on Diagnostic Specialist, Steve, is on hand to help customers get the most out of their Snap-on products. These online sessions take place at the start of each month, and technicians can enroll at any time to improve their technical knowledge, ask questions, and receive first-hand instruction. Visit for more information.

We’re all aware that 2030 is rapidly approaching, when new petrol and diesel vehicle production will cease and alternative-fuel vehicles will dominate the industry. Servicing those vehicles necessitates specialised training, and Snap-on wants to do everything possible to help aftermarket technicians succeed by equipping them with the knowledge and equipment they need to operate on the next generation of vehicle systems.

Snap-on believes that technicians should prepare for this sooner rather than later, and based on current trends, the IMI expects a shortfall of around 35,000 skilled technicians by 2030, with 2026 being the tipping point for the skill gap.

With this in mind, Snap-on has partnered with the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) to offer a best-in-class training solution for technicians, with their Level 3 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle System Repair and Replacement. This qualification is designed for skilled technicians who want to gain the technical knowledge and practical skills needed to work safely with electric and hybrid vehicle systems.

Snap-on’s programme is delivered by a team of industry experts in cutting-edge training facilities that blends e-learning, classroom, and hands-on sessions. This training programme provides technicians with the skills and knowledge they need to acquire an industry-recognised certification, and to become proficient with the high-voltage systems found in electric and hybrid vehicles.

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