High Voltage Battery Module launched on Delphi Technologies Academy

Only weeks after launching its new online training platform, Delphi Technologies has further enhanced the electrified vehicle content with the addition of a virtual insight into the workings of a high voltage battery.

Entitled ‘Inside a HV battery’ the short video provides viewers with an easy-to-follow understanding of the principles and components of the high voltage battery. Visually, it includes a 3D image of a battery that Delphi Technologies created by using a LiDAR scanner to perform a 360-degree scan of a sample high voltage battery at its Warwick-based Training Centre.

The new video is designed to complement existing H/EV tutorials on the Delphi Technologies Academy learning platform – the company’s new online training resource which users can access 24/7 and is designed to help overcome the financial and time challenges that independent garages can face when pursuing practical, off-site training. 

The HV battery introduction joins electrified vehicle training materials that span instruction on how to lift an EV to what PPE to wear and OE systems to online modules that support the completion of popular IMI courses, such as the Hybrid Level 3 IMI programme that covers everything other than working on a live battery or active system.

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