KNIPEX Upholstery pliers: Making fixing covers on profiled seats easy

KNIPEX’s Upholstery Pliers (91 92 180) make fixing of seat covers onto the seat frame with all popular upholstery clips simple and quick for professionals.

To use the pliers, securely insert the upholstery clips, then guide and hold as the special groove fixes the upholstery clips into the correct position. A closing spring holds the pliers closed as the clip is secured into position and pressed. The upholstery clips can then be easily pressed together due to a good transmission ratio of the pliers.

As with all KNIPEX tools, the Upholstery Pliers are durable, strong and made from special tool steel, forged and oil hardened. The pliers are mirror polished and weigh just 195g. For any professional working on seat covers, the pliers make a great addition to their workshop.

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