KNIPEX Workshop TV Cobra® XS (87 00 100)

KNIPEX Cobra® XS water pump pliers: The smallest water pump pliers with only 100mm for all environments




Small miracle: KNIPEX Cobra® XS with a length of only 100 mm – particularly compact design, ideal for working in tight spaces thanks to its slim head

Small, handy, and anything but a toy! The Cobra® XS expands the KNIPEX Cobra® family with a compact new member. They are fully functional high-tech water pump pliers that prove their size, particularly in tight spaces. With fine adjustment directly on the workpiece, it offers eleven setting positions that grip nuts up to 24 mm in diameter and other workpieces up to a diameter of 28 mm – and all that with a length of only 100 millimeters. Due to its small size, the Cobra® XS can be conveniently operated with just one hand. The Cobra® XS is of course – like all members of the KNIPEX Cobra® family – self-locking on pipes and nuts: This prevents slipping on the workpiece and work such as gripping, holding, pressing, and bending is significantly more energy-saving.

High-tech water pump pliers with much finesse

The push-through, robust joint has a novel mechanism for adjusting the opening width: simply place the upper half of the jaw on the workpiece, then push the lower jaw on. The gripping surfaces have specially hardened teeth (approx. 60 HRC): permanently secure gripping, high wear resistance. Pinch protection protects against crush injuries.

Brief overview
  • Optimal work in tight spaces: particularly compact design, very slim head
  • One-handed fine adjustment for easy adjustment to all workpiece sizes by pushing
  • Permanently secure gripping thanks to high wear resistance
  • Gripping capacity Ø 28 mm, wrench size up to 24 mm – with a length of only 100 mm
  • Push-through joint: high stability and resilience thanks to double guidance
  • Self-locking on pipes and nuts: no slipping on the workpiece, energy-saving work

The KNIPEX Cobra ® family is growing

With the new KNIPEX Cobra® XS, the Cobra® family now includes members between a tiny 100 and massive 560 millimeters. The following applies to every size: perfect gripping, holding, pressing and bending with the ingenious self-clamping effect!

The little one can do what only big ones can do

The KNIPEX Cobra ® XS is self-locking and resilient – real full-fledged KNIPEX water pump pliers.

The little one shows her true greatness

With a slim head: bite firmly even when there is little space

With an even more compact design

The handles are not covered with plastic in order to keep them as small as possible. They are cross-shredded on the outside for good grip

Little mouth and a lot behind it

The KNIPEX Cobra® XS grips nuts up to 24 mm, other workpieces even up to 28 mm

Enormous reach also according to DIN standards

DIN ISO 8976 prescribes how a water pump rod must be designed. The KNIPEX Cobra® XS fulfills all requirements and grips workpieces up to 28 mm in diameter when the jaws are held parallel.

Push-through joint: robust and helpful

The push-through joint offers high stability and resilience thanks to its double guidance. Its new, patented mechanism allows you to work with just one hand: open, push in, fit!

So small that it can always be with you

The KNIPEX Cobra ® XS is a super practical tool – and with its 100 mm size so small that it really fits in any trouser pocket.

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