OBDStar Key Master DP Plus Unboxing

OBDStar Key Master DP Plus Unboxing (Configuration A) | Autowave

The OBDStar Key Master DP Plus is one of the most recommended key programming tablets here at Autowave and is actually a device that we use a lot ourselves. Take a closer look at this device and the accessories that are included with it when purchased from Autowave.

OBDStar DP Plus

Config A: https://www.autowave.co.uk/product/obdp-obdstar-obd-tools/obdstar-key-master-dp-plus-configuration-a-autobdst001/AUTOBDST001

Config C: https://www.autowave.co.uk/product/ccmc-cluster-calibration-mileage-correction-tools/obdstar-key-master-dp-plus-configuration-c-autobdst005/AUTOBDST005


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