Test your hybrid and EV knowledge

Test your hybrid and EV knowledge in the new Autotech online assessment

With the upcoming April issue of Autotechnician magazine focussing on specialising, we thought we’d ask our friends at Delphi Technologies to create an online Autotech test to probe your knowledge on Hybrid and Electric Vehicle systems. You can access the online assessment ‘Autotech 2021 Test 12: Hybrid & EV’ by logging on, or registering, at https://autotechnician.co.uk/registration. Once you complete a multiple-choice test, you will receive instant scores, answers, and explanations of the topics covered.

As the sales of Hybrid, Plug in Hybrid and EV vehicles continues to grow with a rapid increase of new models available in the market, Delphi Technologies asks: Are you ready for the future?

Here’s a taster question from the new quiz:

Q. In the image above, is the engine bay from a Golf GTE plug-in Hybrid. What is the plug shown used for?
A. Diagnostic interface connector for the Hybrid/EV system
B. Disables the high voltage system
C. Allows the user to check the voltage within the high voltage circuit
D. Diagnostic interface connector for the high voltage battery.

View the latest quiz and a bank of multiple choice assessments at: https://autotechnician.co.uk/registration.

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